The Girls From Oz – The Phesantry

girls-from-oz-cartoonThe Girls From Oz is a trio of musical theatre gals made up of Kara Lane, Simone Craddock, and Julie Yammanee. All Australian bred, this show is packed full of patriotism for their home country, along with some witty banter and jazzy tunes on the side.

Expect a mini celebration of Australia Day packed with cans of fosters and glasses of wine, the classiest version of Land Down Under you’ll ever hear, an ode to vegemite, and a few cheeky one-liners; “The best guys are like coffee. They are rich, warm, and keep you up all night.”

The glamorous pin-up styled outfits and sultry smooth renditions create a vintage feel throughout the night that make it difficult for you not to feel like you’ve gone back a few decades in time.

Between the three of them they’ve held incredible careers in the West End, appearing in shows such as Here Lies Love, Anything Goes, Avenue Q, and Oliver! Each of them spends this evening showcasing their own beautiful voice, while also giving flawless harmonies when they join together.

While they are a relatively new group, there isn’t anything lacking between the girls on stage or their connection with the audience. A great performance all around, the night is filled with gorgeous tunes and a lot of laughs. Add in a good glass of wine and some delicious food from Pizza Express, and you’re sure to leave with a smile.

Reviewed by Caity O’Shaughnessy