The Great British Musicals- In concert

timthumb.php-2Following the sell out concert of Ivor Novello – The Great British Musical, comes a production performed in the heart of London’s West End at the Hippodrome Casino. The Great British Musicals in Concert takes the audience through a journey of British Musical Theatre. Host (Theatre/TV Veteran) Nicholas Parsons CBE was a wonder to watch with his memorable stories and experiences from his past career, which had the audience laughing throughout. The atmosphere was elegant and sophisticated which played greatly alongside the production. The performance included a cast of twelve performers which included four lead singers (Katy Treharne, Rhidian Marc, Richard Kent, Annatt Bass) and eight ensemble singers.

Katy Treharne (best known for playing Christine in Phantom of the Opera) was a joy to watch, her vocal performance of the Soliloquy from Robert and Elizabeth bought tears to the audience members eyes. The last duet of the night, sung by Katy and Rhidian, was a rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘All I Ask of you’ and was a delight. Another great performance was from Richard Kent (Les Mis, Woman In White) who showed a lot of character in his numbers and was very charming. The Novello Singers (Leigh Rhiannon Coggin, ​​Victoria Humphreys, ​​Mira Ormala, Lydia Jenkins, Jonathan Bourne, Matthew Crowe, Charlie Vose and Lee van Gellen) vocals were all on point and their harmonies were impeccable.

The dancing/movement, directed by Philip Joel, was effective but sometimes seemed a little unnecessary, however ‘Flash Bang Wallop’ was a big surprise and uplifted the feeling in the room. The production was musically accompanied by the talented Ross Leadbeater (formerly of Only Men Allowed) who showed his passion for the various British composers through his playing.

The whole evening was a great success and a real celebration of British Musical Theatre.

Reviewed by Mark Light