The Hurly Burly Show

Rating: 3 /5

Where: Duchess Theatre, London

How Much: £15.00-£49.50

How long: 1hr 50mins (inc interval)

Running until: 22nd September 2012






As I sit here, wondering how to review this show, I can’t help but think of the show ‘Naked Boys Singing’ that plays every Friday and Saturday night at 10pm at the Charing Cross Theatre.The Hurly Burly Show is one of those. Don’t get me wrong, the dancing is wonderful but there is only so much flesh you want to see at 8pm on a Tuesday! When you’re sat there wondering if they must bleach their (you know what’s) then you start to wonder if it’s too risky for a west end show. 

The Hurly Burly Show features stunning female dancers who do their best at singing. The show is funny and well put together and features well known songs like Britney’s ‘Baby One More Time’ and Michael Jacksons ‘Bad’ sexed up and performed whilst gyrating on a bed. 20 years ago Madonna got arrested for this kind of performance but now it can be done as part of a west end theatre show, showing at least how far society has come in that time.


How far society would come was my biggest worry during the show. What made me feel uncomfortable was not the amount of flesh on stage but the two elderly gentlemen sat either side of me (both alone) and how excited they became every time one of the girls bent over.


If you want some saucy fun on a Friday night with your friends then this is perfect, but a show you would go and see with a friend during the week this is not. And you can’t help but wish the men that are there for extra curricular activities would have just gone somewhere in Soho instead.