The Inbetween

The In-between is so much more than a musical concept CD. It is an example of how hard work and determination can pay off.

Telling the story of two sisters Flick and Alice, we hear about their love/hate relationship. They are more than just sisters, but parents to each other after their real ones died in a car crash. One day Flick steps through  a door way to find herself stuck between worlds, where she is given the choice to leave the old world behind her and enter a new one, without her sister by her side.

It took 24 year old Laura Tisdall two years to write this show. The music you hear on the CD is almost entirely Laura’s own work with only a couple of instruments added on to her original recordings.

Only knowing Laura Samuels (Someone You’d Be Proud Of) before starting this project, Laura managed to get another 8 west end stars to record the songs for the album including Daniel Boys, Hadley Fraser and Sabrina Aloueche.

“She’s My Sister” is one of the standout tracks on this CD. The sound is reminiscent of something from ‘Wicked’ which isn’t surprising seeing as the two singers Dianne Pilkington and Cassandra Compton were both once in the show. All 7 songs on this CD and wonderful and I can’t wait for this show to materialise into the west end very soon.

So who is the face behind this new show? Wilma caught up with writer Laura Tisdall at the 2012 West End Live event to find out more about the show, her inspirations and her favourite musicals. Take a look at the video below!

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Buy your copy today at Dress Circle and support an emerging talent in her quest to bring the show to life, something it thoroughly deserves.

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