The Iraq Pack – Live From Das Vegas – Voodoo Rooms



4621675125_425x605You don’t go to see a show titled The Iraq Pack at 11pm if you are easily offended. And wow, this show does not hold back!

Back from their unsuccessful world tour, the singing dictators of dark cabaret have come to Edinburgh. The comedy war machine that is Frank Sanazi, Dean Stalin, Saddami Davis Jnr and Osama Bin Crosby, or the Four Crooners of the Apocalypse, as they are known take their audience through a whirlwind hour of craziness and comedy. There is even a hilarious game show of ‘The Price Is Reich’ where audience members have to guess ‘higher or lower’, not to playing cards but to pictures of murderers, guessing ‘who killed more people’.

Hilarious renditions of parody Rat Pack songs like Strangers on My Flight, Ain’t That a Shot in the Head, and Mein Way are washed down with jokes about Madelaine McCann holding the world record for longest game of hide and seek and pop bands Reich Said Fred, Koran Koran and Jihadiwaddi.

The Iraq Pack isn’t going to appeal to everyone. If you’re easily offended and can’t sit back and laugh at the terrible world we live in then this certainly isn’t for you. But, if you think it sounds like fun, you will have a blast!

Reviewed by West End Wilma

The Iraq Pack – Live From Das Vegas is playing at the Voodoo Rooms (Edinburgh Fringe) until 29 August 2015.