The Kings Speech

Where: Wyndham Theatre, London
How much: £10-£52.50
How long: 2hrs
Running until: 21st July 2012
Merchandise: Small programme available (although seemed to disappear after the show started)
Drinks: Wine £5; Water £2
Warning: some bars in this theatre accept cash only
Review performance date: Wednesday 28th March 2012

Staged in the beautiful Wyndham Theatre at Leicester Square, The Kings Speech is a sight to be seen.
An amazingly simple set with a large mirror that takes up most of the stage which rotates between scenes. It can also be opened up to become see through, as though it were just another room.
If you have seen the film of The Kings Speech (and who hasn’t) then you have seen it all. The play did not appear to be any different and even actors Charles Edwards and Emma Fielding held a strong resemblance to Colin Firth and Helena Bonhem Carter. You can’t fault this show as the acting and the costumes are impeccable. However, like the film, the story moves slowly and does not seem to end with the big bang you expect from a show.
Much funnier than the film and definitely worth going to see, just don’t expect anything other than the DVD brought to life.