The Light Princess cast recording to be released in September 2015

The-Light-Princess_0Writer Samuel Adamson has confirmed that the Original Cast Recording of The Light Princess will be released in September 2015.

The Light Princess – a story which brings together iconic singer-songwriter Tori Amos with playwright Samuel Adamson had its premiere at the National Theatre, London is September 2013 where it ran until February 2014.

Directed by Marianne Elliott (Curious Incident, War Horse) it is a spectacular coming-of-age story. A dark fairytale about grief, rebellion and the power of love based on the book by George MacDonald.

Once, in opposing kingdoms lived a princess and a prince who had lost their mothers. Althea, unable to cry, became light with grief and floated, and so was locked away. Digby became so heavy-hearted that he could never smile, and so was trained as a warrior. Then, one day, he declares war.

Althea is forced out of hiding and down to ground but, in defiance of her father, she escapes, only to encounter the solemn prince. Beside a lake the warring heirs begin a passionate and illicit affair. But for Althea to find real love, she must first confront the world’s darkness and face her own deepest fears.

Actress Rosalie Graig (who played the lead role of Althea) went on to win the award for Best Musical Performance at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2013.

Listen to four tracks from The Light Princess here:

Photo (Rosalie Craig) by Jason Bell