The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe









Wilma’s Rating: 4/5
Where: Kensington Gardens
How Much: £25-£49.50
How long: 2hrs 20mins (including 20 min interval)
Running until: 9th September 2012Merchandise
Mug: £7
T shirts: £15-£18
Tote bag: £7
Adult Fleece: £30
Baseball Cap: £12



Wine: £4.90-£6.90
Beer: £3.50-£4.50
Water: £2

Sweets: £1.50 per 100g

Review performance date:
Thursday 10th May 2012


Nearest station: High Street Kensington










The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe is the theatre of the future.Set in the round, in the middle of the beautiful Kensington Gardens, this circus like tent is fully heated and covered, so come rain or shine you are in for a wonderful time.The story of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe is beautifully told with children playing the main characters superbly. Starting out with a game of hide and seek, the child friendly audience play along, hiding behind their seats while the main character Lucy looks for them. Soon enough she finds herself at the back of the wardrobe, exiting the other side into the magical world of Narnia. With snow falling from the sky and woodland images projected onto the top of the audience, you really feel like you have entered a fantastical mystery world.After meeting Mr Tumnus (the Fawn) Lucy returns through the wardrobe to tell her brothers and sister of the world she has discovered.

They all return to Narnia with her, to discover the White Witch is reigning over the land and has turned Mr Tumnus to stone for not taking Lucy (the daughter of Eden) to her capture. The four children set out to find the witch and rescues Mr Tumnus, meeting Father Christmas (who performs a rather uncomfortable rap) giving them presents which will help them fight the White Witch. Aided by Aslan, the Lion King, they fight the witch to try to rescue their friends. The woodland animals they meet along the way (played by people) help keep them from harm.

Even during the interval, the show continues with the hedgehog walking around the audience putting her hand out to children for food (particularly the pick ‘n’ mix available on the foyer).

Cleverly, also available to buy at the interval is character Edmund’s favourite treat ‘Turkish Delight’ meaning the bar is easily accessible for adults, whilst the children queue endlessly for sweets.

Flying children, magical creatures, and a whole host of spectacular things occur during this show and for adults and children alike, this is one show you do not want to miss this summer.