The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Rating: 4 /5

Where: Arts Theatre, Great Newport Street, London

How Much:
How long: 2hrs 30mins (inc interval)
Running until: 17th June 2012

Wine: £6-£7.50
Beer: £4-£5
Water: £1.50
Ice Cream: £3

The real mystery of Edwin Drood is who killed him. Half way through what turned out to be his final novel, Charles Dickens died. Unfortunately, the book he had been writing was a murder mystery and Dickens left behind no clue as to who he intended the murderer to be.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is hilarious, a Cabaret performance where nothing is taken seriously and is played entirely for the audiences viewing pleasure. Cheap comic lines like ‘she was one in a million… no, she was won in a raffle’ keep the audience bemused throughout, with cast members appearing all over the theatre, to enforce key points of the show and to help encourage audience participation.

Song sheets in hand, this show demands a lot of energy from those watching, without making you feel like you should uncomfortably join in.

The audience lapped up the comedy, the man sitting next to me applauding with such vigor Wilma was worried she may get a slap in the face at times from his waving hands.

Very early into the second half, the audience is posed with the question of who they thought had indeed committed the act of murder (this is cast down to an audience vote). You will be pleased to know that Wilma’s eager eye selected the murderer (leaving her wondering if the culprit was in fact not chosen by the audience, but pre determined). All I know is that I seemed to be the only one in my area of the theatre voting for my chosen murderer.

Press night was uncomfortably warm in the Arts Theatre, due to the first decent day of sunshine London has seen in months! Thankfully, the actors on stage looked just as sweaty as the audience and by the end no one really cared about the heat as they were too busy being bent over in laughter.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is unlike any show you have ever seen before. A must see comedy cabaret.

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