The Probleming

When writers try to combine horror and comedy, the result is usually a cringeworthy disaster a la Scary Movie. It just doesn’t seem to work as it’s not truly scary, or funny.

So, could the Probleming by Steve Jordan be the first successful horror comedy?

Well, it did squeeze a few laughs from the audience and when the lights all went off it was a little bit intimidating.

But ultimately, no it couldn’t.

There just isn’t enough of either humour or terror and it’s just a bit too similar to the Blair Witch Project.

The three actors have their own charm, particularly the girls with Ellen Gallagher clearly enjoying herself as Nicole – a role that was perhaps written for her, as she seems to fit the character perfectly.

Emma Stirling as Cynthia is the strongest of the three actors. Initially dismissive of everything and believing herself to be superior in both emotional and logical intelligence, she seems genuinely scared as events get progressively worse and as the play ends she is clearly distressed.

However, although the concept has potential, the script is slightly weak and not quite polished enough to work.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes