The Sunshine Boys

Wilmas rating: [rating=3]

Where: Savoy Theatre

How Much: £15-£58.50

How long: 2hrs 10mins including interval

Running until: July 28 2012

Programme £4

Beer £4.10-£4.30
Wine £5.50-6.90
Water £2.20
Ice cream £3.50

Review performance date:
April 27 2012


The staff at the Savoy Theatre couldn’t have been any more pleasant if they tried.  Nothing seemed like too much trouble and every look was met with a smile! What has happened to customer service these days? Why is good service now a surprise?

The first night of the Sunshine Boys was lovely. Danny Devito, whilst obviously now starting to age, has not lost any of his comedy genius! Throw in the wonderful Richard Griffiths and you have created comedy gold.The Sunshine Boys are based on a Jewish New York double act ‘Smith and Dale’. For the play, this is portrayed through the story of Willie Clark (Devito) and Al Lewis (Griffiths) who were once The Sunshine Boys, working on the comedy circuit together around New York. After Al surprisingly announced his retirement from the act one day, the pair did not speak for 11 years.

Willies agent (and grandson) Ben (Adam Levy), has been struggling to find work for his ageing grandfather until one day CBS announce that they want The Sunshine Boys to perform their famous ‘Doctors sketch’ live on a variety show. The pair reluctantly reunite to start rehearsing but whether they can put the past behind them for one performance does not prove as easy as you would think!

A nice, funny show about two old men who need to decide if a grudge is worth holding onto or if there are more important things to life.