The Wedding Reception – Kingsway Hall Hotel

Interactive Theatre have had global success with the Faulty Towers Dining Experience, playing weekends at the London Amba Hotel, Touring the UK as well as Australia, Canada, Asia and America. So they’ve pretty much conquered the world with that show. Time for a new one then!

The Wedding Reception follows a similar premise to Faulty Towers. An interactive dining experience where audiences are served a three course meal, whilst the havoc and entertainment unfolds around them.

Held in the beautiful Kingsway Hotel in Covent Garden/Holborn, audiences are immersed in the wedding reception of Will and Kate, the couple who eloped to get married but are now carrying on with the original wedding reception that was booked for their wedding day so that their friends and family can celebrate with them.

Of course, this wedding reception is doomed from the beginning. What is Will’s best man really getting up to with his mum behind his back? Will the groom get off of his phone long enough to actually join in and can aunty save face and keep everything going smoothly for the sake of the guests or will her true colours shine through?

The food is basic but as with Faulty Towers, you understand you are paying for the ‘experience’ and not necessarily a Michelin starred restaurant.

The Wedding Reception is a great, fun new concept that you can’t really fault. With tables of ten people it is best to go along in a decent sized group so you can enjoy the show together. Being a new show there is some tweaking to the script that could be done to improve it but Interactive Theatre have a golden template they know works with Faulty Towers and have managed to copy it over into a new enough format to appeal to a different kind of group. It all ends with a fabulous first dance that turns gets the whole audience up and moving.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

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