How good is Theatre security in the UK?


It’s hard not to be affected by the terrible news about a mass killing in an American nightclub which took place on Saturday night and has seen more than fifty people shot dead. Questions are flying around about how the killer managed to get into the club with a machine gun in the first place and this got me thinking about how good security is in UK theatres.

Last week I went to see The Go-Between starring Michael Crawford. Before the show I had been shopping and had a carrier bag with a huge box inside which was tightly squeezed into the bag. As I entered the theatre I was asked to open the bag so the door man could see inside which of course I did. I was about to explain what it was and ask if they wanted me to open the box to look inside but before I had a chance to open my mouth I was told it was all fine and that I could go in. No questions were asked about what was in my bag and the box was large enough to have hidden many different things.

I’m not sure what training theatre staff receive in regards to bag searches but I often wonder what they are looking for. What ever the answer is, they don’t seem to be looking too closely and it is concerning to me that security in the UK isn’t quite as secure as we may be led to believe. I just hope it doesn’t take a horrific event like in America last weekend before we step up on security.

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