Title Of Show

Wilma’s Rating ****

Title of Show is the hilarious Broadway musical about two men (Jeff and Hunter) who have three weeks to write a musical to submit for a competition. In the 90 minute show, we see the process they went through to come up with a musical about their lives, simply by writing down everything that happened to them.

Simon Bailey (Jeff) and Scott Garnham (Hunter) are the perfect characters on stage and their differences compliment each other. The girls, Sophia Ragavelas (Heidi) and Sarah Galbraith (Susan) work well together as the comedy subconscious voices in the boys heads (at times reminding me of the Bad Idea Bears from Avenue Q).

Title of Show has no obvious set and it is only when you look closely that you notice it is not just an untidy room, with half drunk bottles of water and cables over the floor, but a well thought out placement of objects needed for the musical.

The songs are quirky and hilarious. Monkeys and Playbills, Die, Vampire, Die! and Change It, Don’t Change It could be some of the funniest and most well written songs in theatre today and the delivery of them by these four incredible singers adds extra layers of texture.

My only issue with this show was the lack of an interval. 90 minutes without a break is a long time and I spent the last 30 minutes distracted by whether my bladder could hold on much longer (which left me counting down the remaining songs rather than enjoying them). I understand why shows like A Chorus Line don’t have an interval (they probably fear people wouldn’t come back for the second act) but a show as funny as Title Of Show should be enjoyed to the full.

Go see Title of Show at the Landor Theatre for a hilarious roller coaster ride with four amazingly talented actors. Just don’t drink a bottle of wine beforehand or you may not make it though!!