Up 4 A Meet

Wilma’s Rating: [rating=3]

The Waterloo East Theatre is compactly situated under Waterloo East station. The smell of damp is something you choose to ignore and the £3 wine helps!

Up 4 A Meet is an adult comedy, telling the story of three gay men, who spend their lives on an online dating website.

In the show we meet Grant (Matt Evers) who’s neighbour Caroline (Penelope Tasker – although I am still convinced it was Fearne Cotton), finds it far more interesting to spend her time with the gays that live below her,  than in her own home.

Grants flatmate Costas (Benedict Garett), a Spanish nudist (and he has nothing to be ashamed of in that department) is rapidly making his way through the gay website, sleeping with up to 4 men a day!

The next door neighbour has a Shirley Bassey obsession but even at the age of 40, doesn’t seem to struggle to find sex online.

The story is a search for love and a lesson that if you look beyond the physical appearance, love can be found with those you never thought possible.

Up 4 A Meet is a feast for the eyes with naked male flesh and the  occasional sprinkling of female breasts, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, not knowing what might come next.

Press night was a very friendly audience, with a lot of familiar faces who turned up to show their support to Dancing on Ice star Matt Evers and Big Brothers Benedict Garrett.

During the show, a woman casually tried to leave her seat to go to the toilet but took a wrong turn and ended up walking onto the stage, leaving the audience in hysterics and the cast trying to keep themselves from laughing.

Hilariously funny for any gay man or gay mans best friend. Whether a straight couple would understand it is risky.

MATT EVERS (Dancing on Ice)

Produced by David Adkin Ltd

Written by Jeff Moody and Simon Peek

Directed by: Nasser Memarzia


Watch Matt Evers talking about Up 4 A Meet the play when he had Tea With Wilma during rehearsals for the show.