Varla Jean Merman / Well Strung

Wilma’s Rating ****

I’ll be honest with you dears, I really didn’t fancy this show. But I am so glad I went as I had one of the best nights ever (well at least this week).

Drag Sensation Varla Jean Merman has returned to London after ten years and her Book of Merman show (which has no relevance to the musical Book of Morman) is a hoot! Opening with her version of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Hero’, titled ‘Hair Fan’, Varla Jean looked Marilyn Monroe esq with the comedy fan blowing her hair for the performance. For a set that started so well, I was sad to see it go a little down hill after that. The first song was the best and so she set the expectations that the rest would be the same.

The shows American jokes could have been altered for a London audience. Her revised children’s book titles like ‘Where’s Dildo’ were only funny if you knew that in America, our version of ‘Where’s Wally’ is called ‘Where’s Waldo’ and sadly it was lost on most of the audience.

Varla Jean was fun, she looked great and sang well and certainly has a streak of hilarious jokes in her (and some fascinating facts about hot dog sausages) but it’s just a shame that some of it was lost on its audience.

Act 2 was totally different. Well Strung, a string quartet of VERY handsome American boys, playing exquisite mash ups of classical songs and modern day pop. Starting with a mix of Motzart and Kelly Clarksons ‘Since You Been Gone’ we were dazzled by an hour of music that proves classical music and violins can be cool.

Again there were a few songs that may have been a little more suited to an American audience. Maybe it’s just me who didn’t know who Third Eye Blind were? I am a little out of touch with pop culture but the sounds these boys made together brought tears to my eyes.

I don’t think any of these boys would have been interested in some Wilma love but that certainly didn’t stop me from going home and dreaming that they did!

Gays and girls, I promise you, you will have the time of your life this weekend if you go down to the Leicester Square Theatre and see this fabulous double bill. Hang around after to meet the stars too! I ran off giggling like a school girl!