When Women Wee

Rating:  [rating=4]
 Soho Theatre
How Much:
How long: 1hr (no interval)
Running until: Saturday 19th May 2012


When I got invited to go see this show I hoped it would be good so that I could use the line ‘When Women Wee was so funny I almost pissed myself’. Well it was and I almost did. Running to the toilet after the show was surreal, like you’re seeing a toilet for the first time knowing what really happens in there!

This short schizophrenic comedy sees five girls playing a variety of different characters, running in and out of the bathroom with different hair, clothes and accents. This is your typical Saturday night out in a club. If someone put a camera in a toilet and filmed it, this is exactly what you would be watching.

Women having sex in bushes, doing drugs for the first time, chatting up bar men and even a girl on a hen night, nursing her friend while she’s sick with her penis antlers wobbling away, this show has all angles covered.

Throughout the show women in the audience would gasp at moments when they thought ‘this has happened to me’ and then uncomfortably realise everyone around them now knew this.

Several people could be heard, while exiting the theatre, saying they should also put on a show called ‘when men wee’ which could be hilarious, but possibly not quite as eventful!

A wonderful piece of comedy that is sadly coming to the end of its time at the Soho Theatre. When Women Wee must continue in the west end, make it happen people… go see this show!

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