White Christmas – Dominion Theatre


WC-Gallery-TOM1No matter how much we dream of a white Christmas, the truth is we will be very lucky if we ever actually get one. I remember once it snowed on Christmas Eve but when I woke up the next day and rushed to the window, hoping to see the car buried in five feet of snow, it had all melted. This year however, pop down to the Dominion Theatre and you may just get what you wish for!

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas tells the story of two ex army friends Bob Wallace (played by Aled Jones) and Phil Davis (played by Tom Chambers). The boys club together to help raise money yo save their former General’s Ski Lodge. The film version of this musical was made famous by Bing Crosby and his rendition of the song White Christmas. The show is a spectacle to look at with huge choreographed dance routines that have a similar vibe as Irving Berlin’s other big hit Top Hat.

The show has a great balance of amazing West End performers and also (equally as good) television actors that will draw in the crowds. The Bill actor Graham Cole plays the hard faced General but loveable grandad well, showing that even the strictest of people can become softer during the festive season. The real cracker in this show though is Wendi Peters who is unrecognisable as receptionist Martha Watson. Her character is so different to Cilla Battersby Brown (who she played in Coronation Street for four years) that it took until half way through the first act before I even realised who she was. Wendi is a brilliant actress with a great singing voice that has sadly been hidden away from the world whilst she has been acting in soaps.

Aled Jones plays Bob Wallace. Aled is best known for singing the song ‘I’m Walking In The Air’ from the 1982 cartoon The Snowman. By the time he was 16 he had already released 16 albums! That’s pretty good going! Although he is probably better known for his TV work these days he has had a varied career spanning from theatre to radio to TV. As a stage actor he does well and is perfectly cast in role of Bob.

Tom Chambers is brilliant as Phil Davis. Unsurprisingly so, as it is a very similar type of role to Jerry Travers who he played in Top Hat at the Aldwych Theatre recently. He is a great dancer with a cheeky grin that keeps you interested in what he’s going to do next.

All in all, this show is perfect for the festive season. Cleverly in the West End for just eight weeks I think it will do well and is all in the true spirit of Christmas! Go and check it out!

White Christmas is playing at the Dominion Theatre until 3 January. Click here to book top price tickets for just £40.00!

Reviewed by West End Wilma