Ten reasons why WICKED should release a Live CD of the 10th Anniversary production


With today’s exciting news announcement of the 10th Anniversay cast of Wicked who will start performances on 5 September 2016, the birthday performance on 27 September is looking very exciting indeed. This has got me thinking how now could be the perfect time to record a live cd of the London production and here are ten reasons why:


1. This will be the sixth time that Susie Mathers returns to Wicked having played the role of Glinda more than 600 times across Australia and Asia between 2008-2015.

2. Rachel Tucker is London’s longest running Elphaba having performed more than 900 shows between 2010-2012. She is about to complete a nine month run playing the role on Broadway and is now returning to the London production for the 10th Anniversary.

3. Katie Rowley Jones was the original Nessa Rose when the London production opened in 2006 where she played the role for two years. She returned to play the role in 2012 and has been there ever since and so it would make sense for her to be on the recording.

4. The scene with Nessa Rose and Boq where she casts a spell upon him was not included in the Broadway cast recording as the scene is made up of dialogue and song and was probably deemed ‘not enough of a proper song’ to include on the album. However this would be perfect for a live recording of the show.

5. Anita Dobson and Mark Curry are well known names from television. Anita played the part of Angie Watts in Eastenders between 1985-1988 and Mark was a presenter of children’s TV show Blue Peter between 1986-1989. These names may help to sell a live recording to an older audience who may be more interested to hear familiar people rather than the show itself.

6. Martin Ball is returning to WICKED to reprise the role he originated of Doctor Dillamond in the 2006 production.

7. WICKED is one of the most widely loved shows around the world and fans have been petitioning for years to make a London cast recording happen. The 10th anniversary with the very special cast would be the perfect opportunity for this to happen.

8. Can you imagine if the show were to be recorded live for release only to find original Broadway star Idina Menzel turn up for a surprise performance at the encore to be included as a bonus track? Idina originated the role of Elphaba on Broadway and opened the show in London before Kerry Ellis took over and so it would be incredible for her to make an appearance at the 10th Anniversary and for it to be captured on tape.

9. There have been studio recordings of the Broadway, Germany and Japan versions of WICKED but never from the London production. A live recording of the show has also never been released and the U.K. have been making a name for themselves recently by releasing live CD’s.

10. What a remarkable way to celebrate ten magical years of the show being in London than with a performance being captured so it can be enjoyed for all of eternity.


Photo: Matt Crockett