Wilma’s top YouTube video picks this week

My original plan was to do a monthly blog of my favourite you tube videos I’ve been watching recently but I’ve seen so many good ones in the last week that I just have to share them with you now!





Julie Andrews

I’ve just discovered this grainy video of Dame Julie Andrews singing the incredibly fast and complicated ‘Not Getting Married Today’ from Stephen Sondheim’s show Company. I’ve always loved this song and Julie Andrews performs this with perfect annunciation and that gorgeous voice of hers we all know and love. You must watch this!


Aretha Franklin 

This week saw the legendary Aretha Franklin pay homage to Carole King at the Kennedy Centre Honors show in America. The 73 year old waltzed on stage in a huge fur coat and sparkly purse and sat at the piano to bash out an incredible version of (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. Carole King was there to witness this amazing performance and it has been creating a buzz across social media this week.


Miranda Sings

This video is a few years old now but I had never seen it until this week. Broadway performer Colleen Evans (Ballinger) and her alter-ego Miranda Sings perform a hilarious rendition of Cats the Musical, complete with cat costume. For those who don’t know the character of Miranda, she was based on all of the people who record you tube videos of them singing songs (but really shouldn’t because they can’t sing). Colleen is actually an incredible singer but Miranda is not quite broadway standard.


Monkey’s getting married

OMG, this week, backstage after a performance of Wicked on Broadway, flying monkey’s Josh Daniel Green and Daniel Robinson got engaged, on stage as the curtain came down at the end of the show. The adorable video shows the beautiful moment where monkey and monkey were engaged to be wed. It doesn’t get more christmassy than this!


Bernadette Peters

With Bernadette Peters due to perform in London this year, I watched some videos from her 2008 performance at the Royal Festival Hall. Before giving a full-out performance of ‘Some People’ she recounts how her biography states she, at thirteen years old, once played Dainty June in Gypsy which is actually a lie. Watch this hilarious story and incredible performance.