Wingman - Richard Marsh - Produced by Tim Johanson Productions - Edinburgh Festival/Soho Theatre Richard Marsh - plays Richard Marsh/Bridgitte Jerome Wright - plays Dad Directed by Justin AudibertRichard Marsh’s ‘Wingman’ has recently finished a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is now playing at the Soho Theatre before going on a UK tour.

Following on from the success of his smash-hit Dirty Great Love Story, Richard Marsh’s latest piece sees him tackle fatherhood and family.

Wingman, a new father-son comedy, is both complex and compelling viewing and is the story of a troubled and strained relationship between a deserting and selfish father and an angry abandoned son.

Upon first entering the dimly lit space on the third floor of the Soho theatre I was unsure what to expect. The space was bare, with no set or props – this was inevitably going to be a piece that purely relied on acting and the actors ability to create their world as they saw it and project it in to our minds.

I have to say that this was achieved fantastically and executed with exceptional attention to detail and use of vivid imagery for the audience. We were engaged in the action and emotion throughout the piece and moved from raucous laughter to heartbreaking sadness in a mere moment.

The clever combination of playing scenes, descriptive poetry and directly addressing the audience created a unique theatrical experience.

Marsh himself is a talented actor and writer. Although nervous at points he was clearly very confident and comfortable in the delivery of the poetry and portrayed the emotions of the story beautifully. He has a strong stage presence and his ease with the audience allows us to get swept up and carried along on this journey of love, loss and family bonds.

Jerome Wright playing the role of the father is very natural whilst commanding the space and has the art of comic timing finely tuned. Wright is clearly at home on the stage and easily manipulates the audience to become emotionally involved in his characters journey from estranged father to loving father and doting grandfather.

Overall this piece has heart, hilarity and a dark sense of humour. Approaching hard hitting issues in an original and unique way I would highly recommend going along to see this wonderful seventy minute production while it is at the Soho Theatre.

Reviewed by Matthew Wren Andrew

Wingman is playing at the Soho Theatre until 20 September 2014.