Worzel Gummidge the Musical


Worzel-Gummidge-the-MusicalThe Childrens TV show Worzel Gummidge was a popular choice in the 1980’s that had kids all around the country trying to take their heads off and talk to scare crows. So when the show was adapted for the theatre stage and performed at Christmas 1981 t the Cambridge Theatre people were obviously delighted.

As would be expected with the soundtrack to a show like Worzel Gummidge, the Overture has a certain circus feel to it, leading listeners to expect an amusing collection of songs. So it’s no surprise that most of the soundtrack is very upbeat and twinkly, particularly In The Country, but the songs are very cute and perfectly suited to a family audience.

The great thing about this recording (which has never been released before) is that is was performed by the TV programmes original cast members John Pertwee (Worzel), Una Stubbs (Aunt Sally), Geoffrey Bayldon (Scarecrow Man) as well as the original children Sue and John (Lucy Baker and Jonathan Byatt). Fans of the show will have a nostalgia overload when they listen to this.

One Ead and an Ead is a very silly counting song that children will love and Scarecrow Day and It’s Me Birthday are perfect sing-a-long songs for the car!

Surprisingly, there are some very strong moral messages within the lyrics and Christmas Isn’t Christmas is actually quite a sad song. As for Scarecrow’s Carol, I can only describe it as a funeral lament, which is very bizarre, but luckily this doesn’t close the album.

Gobbledygook, but it’s jolly and funny (especially A Slice of Cake & A Cup of Tea which has ridiculous insults flying every which way) and will have you giggling and singing along. If you don’t know the story you might be a bit confused as the lyrics don’t make any sense at all but for a show that has gone unheard for over thirty years, it is a rare gem that many will love to find in their christmas stockings this year.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes

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