You Should Be So Lucky

EveryonejpgYou Should Be So Lucky is Above The Stag’s latest offering. A far cry away from their last production Bathhouse the Musical, this more serious show is billed as a contemporary gay Cinderella story.

Christopher is a struggling electrologist, living in a small apartment with no real friends. An act of kindness sees him bring old Mr Rosenberg up to his place after he faints on the street outside. The two become friends and Mr Rosenberg helps Christopher to have more confidence and go out into the world to enjoy himself more. When Mr Rosenberg sadly dies, Christopher is shocked to find he has been left $10 million in the will. Mr Rosenberg’s daughter, Lenore, is understandably unhappy at the revelation half of her inheritance has been left to a stranger and a court case ensues. Luckily Christopher’s new boyfriend Walter is a PR guru and sets out to get him television appearances to help build his profile for the case. Will Christopher get to keep the money or will Mr Rosenberg’s money hungry daughter get it back? With the ghost of Mr Rosenberg on Christopher’s side, helping him through, anything is possible.

Stacy Sobieski steals the show as Christopher’s sister Polly, a struggling actress. She plays the part as dramatically as possible, seemingly loving being able to express the diva within without feeling self conscious. Chris Woodley is convincing as the overly flamboyant and socially inadequate Christopher and Colin Appleby plays Mr Rosenberg with a hint of mystery and Santa like quality.

The set design by David Shields is well done. A garish living room, filled with more Chinese fans and nick naks that you could possibly think was acceptable. The black leather electrology chair gives a Sweeney Todd vibe and when Mr Rosenberg dies in it, you wonder if he is going to be tipped down through the floor and into the pie shop.

You Should Be So Lucky is a bit of lighthearted fun that won’t change your life or make you think particularly hard but it is enjoyable. As always, Above The Stag theatre in Vauxhall is always a pleasure to visit. It has even been shortlisted in this years Wilma Awards for Most Welcoming Venue!

Reviewed by West End Wilma

You Should Be So Lucky is playing at Above The Stag until 18 October 2014. Click here for tickets.