Zone 3 dears!

Hello dears,

It’s been a while since I did one of my diary entries and so I thought I’d say a little hello!

I’m just on my way home from Zone 3 (who would have thought I’d venture out of Zone 1?) where I’ve been to see my dear friend Tim McArthurs show he is directing at Ye Olde Rose and Crown, ‘Days of Hope’. An intense musical about the Spanish Civil War. It was very good and nearly had me in tears! Performed in the round it was a lovely rounded story that reminded me how lucky we are to live in a country where day by day we don’t have to worry about war. I think it’s very easy to get consumed in our lives and not think about those suffering around the world, dying because of politics still.

Anyway, it’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to jetting off to Las Vegas on Friday for a well deserved holiday! I went to see Liza On An E at the Lyric Theatre on Monday. A funny, camp whirlwind through the life of Liza Minelli! And then last night I was at the premiere of The Commitments (which if you’ve read my review will know I loved, possibly more than anything I’ve ever seen).

I just have one more show before my holiday. Tomorrow is The Great Bakewell Bake Off at the Landor. A musical spin off of the TV show everyone is loving, The Great British Bake Off (something I’ve actually not seen) so that should be interesting!

Oh and dears, how could I forget last Sunday nights Wicked Cares charity concert at St James Theatre in aid of Debra. What a lovely night it was and how hard the cast of Wicked had worked putting on a cabaret in their spare time (they almost made it look easy!) Gina Beck did an incredible rendition of Think of Me from Phantom that had chills running down my spine!

Anyway, I appear to be almost in Zone 1 again now so I should probably stop writing before I miss my stop! I’ve got Blood Brothers playing on my IPod (have a read of my interview with Maureen Nolan who is on tour with the show at the moment) and I’m thinking about what I should have for dinner when I get home. A nice sherry maybe!